Clifton Mustang Band Alumni Association

About Us

Remember how you felt the first time you stepped out on the stadium field? The excitement of the crowd, your heart beating so fast you thought it would leap from your chest! A whistle sounds, then the roar of drums and there was no turning back. Weeks of practice shifted your body and mind to autopilot and for the next 10 minutes you and your friends were transformed into a musical, geometric machine that dazzled the football fans and inspired the next generation of Mustang Band members.

We were all transformed in ways from our band experience well beyond the football field that have and continue to impact our lives today. Lifelong memories, lifelong friends and some of us lifelong spouses that built the foundations of our families. Whatever your personal experience I'm sure there still remains a special place in your heart today that still can feel the magic.

Whether you're a recent alum or one of the original 1938 band members, you are part of a 80-year tradition that the newly formed Clifton Mustang Band Alumni Association seeks to preserve and continue to build. The association's purpose is to reconnect all alumni and provide opportunities for both social and civic activities. We also believe we share an obligation to our current Mustang Band and future alumni. The association will support them through scholarships, needed equipment/instrument purchases and other support activities to insure that the tradition of excellence and advantage of the Mustang Band experience can be as meaningful to their future as it has been to ours.

The association is a New Jersey incorporated, non-profit organization. Monthly meetings will be held in the CHS band room so please check the this website for future meetings.

Whether you are around the corner or across the country, your support is vital to the success of the association's goals. Annual membership dues are $25.00 and will allow us to provide for the basic operating essentials of the association such as postage, website hosting and general operating costs.

We are also in need of additional financial support through personal as well as business sponsorships. Special recognition of sponsors will be noted and donations can be specified for use in scholarship, equipment or general fund support. Please help however you can. Any donation will help, especially now during the infancy of the association.

This is an exciting time to be a Mustang Band Alum. I hope we've managed to touch that special place in your heart and spark a fond memory or two. The association needs your support; let's begin a new tradition together.

Remember the Maroon & Grey!

Our elected board for 2018 - 2020
Ms. Kristen Hariton '07- President
Wes Krygsman - Vice-President
Joseph Gerbino '78 - Treasurer
Tim Mathieson - Secretary
Julie Krygsman - Historian