CMBAA General Meeting Minutes



Meeting called to order at   9:14  p.m.


Treasurer's Report:

Paid $300.00 deposit for Silk City fundraiser

Received $1,000.00 scholarship donation from the Termyna family.

Thanks extended to the Termyna family.

Current Total balance:              $17,978.35


President's Report:

Blaze Pizza income:                 $50.00


Scholarship Selection Committee Report:

Announcement of a new Alpha Omega scholarship established with funds provided by the Termyna family, which will be an annual scholarship for as long as finances permit.




Discussion of current scholarship criteria and guidelines, and the need to for scholarship criteria and guidelines to be more widely promulgated via additional channels. 


The scholarship guidelines are accessible on the CMBAA’s website at:


Tabled discussion of possible scholarship guidelines changes.


Discussion of additional restaurant fundraisers.


Tabled discussion on the possibility of combining different fundraisers/events and opening the Clifton Community Band’s pot luck dinner to the general public.




Meeting adjourned at  9:49  p.m.