CMBAA General Meeting Minutes



Meeting called to order at   9:19  p.m.


Secretary's Report: 

Motion to approve minutes passed and carried.


Treasurer's Report:

PO Box renewal

Current Total balance:              $13,630.91

Motion to approve passed and carried.


President's Report: 

Call for CMBAA members or prospective members to remit membership dues. Paper mail reminder to pay dues to be sent out.

Report that there was excellent attendance at the CMB 80th Anniversary Brunch. CMBAA meeting/event calendar in progress. Plan to send an email survey for preferred days/nights, times, and events.  Ongoing fundraiser and event research.


Vice President's Report: 

Suggestion of increasing the number of Under 18/21 events that the current CMB and CMBAA members under the ages of 18 or 21 could attend.  Discussion of potential Under 18 events including Dave & Buster's, billiards, Floyd Hall events, along with the traditional bowling fundraiser, for which March 9 and March 30 are currently being evaluated as potential dates.  Silk City Distillers tour suggested as an Over 18 event.


Historian's Report: 

Invitation for increased participation on the alumni Facebook page,, including updating personal profiles, sharing memories, photos, and featuring different Mustangs on "Mustang Mondays."

The Historian also requests help with collecting and collating information for the Band timeline, and for alumni with Band photos to scan them to be digitally archived. Additional information, recollections, photographs, etc., from the 1950s are particularly needed.

CHS yearbook photos from the years 1938 to 1959 have been scanned.




The President expressed a desire to review and revamp the CMBAA website. As part of this process, the CMBAA email account is in the process of migrating from the previous Yahoo mail account to its  new Gmail account:


A CMBAA Google account will also facilitate the use of Google features to coordinate CMBAA projects.


Suggestion of forming a digital technology committee for the purpose of coordinating, editing, and maintaining CMBAA-related digital/online components and projects.  Initial call for volunteers for such a committee.

The process of obtaining and reviewing bids for plaques for the newly purchased Band Trophy Case is underway.


The Band Parent Association will be holding a Beefsteak/Tricky Tray event on Friday, January 11, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the Clifton Boys and Girls Club. Tickets are $40 per person.


Liaison Comments: 

Upcoming concerts TBA



Meeting adjourned at  9:45  p.m.