CMBAA General Meeting Minutes



Meeting called to order at 9:15 p.m.




1. President's Report:

President's opening remarks for the first meeting of the 2017-18 season.


Call for current CMBAA members and those interested in joining to pay the annual dues, which are used to aid the Clifton High School Mustang Marching Band through Alumni support activities such as scholarships, fundraising, coordination, etc., and to preserve the spirit of the Band among alumni and throughout the community.


Call for current and prospective CMBAA members, as well as all CMB alumni, to provide current contact information in order to update the contact database. Mention of lack of alumni presence from the years of Directors Opalach and Kay, and the desire to increase advertising for CMBAA activities.

Mention of potential fundraising activities.


Reminder that this Thanksgiving is a home game and alumni are encouraged to participate in the Thanksgiving home game traditions.


2. Vice President's Report:

Discussion of potential fundraisers, including selling Clifton Mustang Band Alumni apparel, as well as a paint and wine night fundraiser possibly in the early winter.


Additional discussion is required for a potential instrument drive.


Mention of the need to get alumni to visit our website and Facebook page for news, information, contact, communication, etc.


3. Treasurer's Report:

Centennial Concert income: $1,000 from the City of Clifton

Pancake Breakfast income: $306

Current Balance: $14,499.88

There is currently a balance of $615 in donations for the Ruth L. Pannicke Kracht Memorial Scholarship.


Form 990-N has been filed with the IRS to maintain non-profit status.


Checks in the amount of $1,500 each have been distributed to the four 2017 scholarship recipients as of June 13, 2017.


4. Liaison's Report:

Liaison's opening remarks for the first meeting of the 2017-18 season.

Mention of various band activities, including the North Jersey Band Festival, and this year's upcoming Thanksgiving home game with the traditional invitation for alumni participation at the game and the pre-Thanksgiving rehearsal at 7:00 p.m. in the CHS band room on Wednesday, November 22.





1. The separate Facebook pages are being consolidated into a single page.


2. Suggestion of the creation of a book chronicling the history of the Clifton Mustang Band.


3. Discussion of the need for a "Band Historian/Archivist".


4. Discussion of potentially amending the current CMBAA By-laws for the purposes of:


(1) Correcting the stated day of the monthly meeting of the general membership from Monday to Tuesday (Art. VII, A: General Meetings).


(2) Formally establishing the position(s) of "Band Historian/Archivist" in the By-laws (Art. VI: Officers/Trustees).


(3) Changing the means by which the position of Liaison is filled

(Art. VI, B: Titles and Primary Duties of Elected Officers).



5. Discussion of the procedure for amending the current CMBAA By-laws.


The current CMBAA By-laws state, under Art. IX: Amendments:


A: Authority:


"These by-laws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new by-laws may be adopted by a majority of the members in good standing at any regular meeting, if written notice of intent to alter, amend, or repeal is given within sixty (60) days of that meeting."




Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.