Clifton Mustang Band Alumni Association

   Clifton Mustang Band Alumni Association By-Laws



Article I: Name


Section A: Name


The name of this organization is the “Clifton Mustang Band Alumni Association”, a non-profit support group affiliated with the Clifton High School Mustang Band (hereafter referred to as the "CMBAA").


Article II: Mission Statement and Purpose


Section A: Mission Statement


To aid the Clifton High School Mustang Band through Alumni support activities and preserve the spirit of the Band among alumni and throughout the community.


Section B: Purposes of Organization


·       Supporting activities such as but not limited to: scholarships, support and community service.

·       To provide a venue for alumni interests including but not limited to: social activities, reunions, alumni news, Mustang Band information and alumni band activities.

·       To provide information and interaction between students and alumni, to coordinate fundraising efforts, and provide ongoing support to the Clifton High School Mustang Band.


Article III: Purposes of the Corporation:


In accordance with N.J.S.A. 15A: 2-1, the Corporation may engage in any activity within the purposes for which Corporation may be organized pursuant to the New Jersey Business Corporation Act, subject to the following:


1.     The purposes for which the corporation is organized are exclusively charitable, scientific, literary and educational within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law.

2.     Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, this organization shall not carry on any activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law.

3.     Upon dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding provision of any future Federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the Federal, state or local government for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a court of competent jurisdiction, in the county in which the principal office of the organization is then located, exclusively for such purposes.


Article IV: Fiscal Year


Section A: Fiscal Year


The Fiscal year will be defined as September 1 to August 31.


Article V: Membership


Section A: Membership


Membership will be open to any alumni, family of alumni, friends or interested individuals.


Section B: Member in Good Standing


Any individual who is an alumnus of the Clifton High School Mustang Band or who has expressed interest in membership shall be considered a member in good standing upon application and submission of annual membership dues in the amount of $25.00. Annual membership dues for current college students is reduced to $15.00.  Payment for each fiscal year shall be received no later than December 31st.


Members in good standing shall receive Association mailings and newsletters, be eligible to participate or chair sub-committees, vote on issues/officers and participate in CMBAA activities.


Article VI: Officers/Trustees/Unelected Positions


Section A: Trustees of the Corporation


Elected officers of the Association will also serve as trustees of the Corporation. All trustee requirements, nomination, election, term of office and duties shall be as stated for officers under Article VI, Sections B, C, D, E, F and G.


Section B: Titles and Primary Duties of Elected Officers and Unelected Positions


1. Elected Officers


a). President

·       Presides over meetings and officially represents the CMBAA.

·       Establishes committees and appoints chairpersons.

·       Presides over all sub-committees as deemed necessary.

·       Creates an agenda for and presides at all meetings of the Association. Agenda items may be submitted by any member of the Association and included in monthly meetings as determined by the Executive Board.  The agenda will be distributed electronically and may also be printed prior to the meeting.

·       Announces general meeting dates, Band events, and matters of interest to the general membership through email and/or website communications.


b). Vice President

·       Assumes duties of President when President is unavailable.

·       Oversees all membership and recruitment activities.


c). Secretary

·       Records minutes of all business meetings.

·       Provides copies of prior month’s minutes at each meeting.

·       Official recipient of all officer election ballots and completes vote tally.

·       Co-signs with President in the name of the Association on all official documents and acts as the registered agent of the Corporation.

·       Serves as By-laws Committee Chair and is responsible for making the by-laws available at Executive Board and general meetings and posting a copy of the by-laws to the CMBAA website.


d). Treasurer

·       Custodian of all funds.

·       Maintains all financial and non-financial records and reports.


2. Unelected Position


a).  Liaison

·       Current Clifton High School Mustang Band Director will serve as liaison and advisor for all CMBAA and CHS Mustang Band activities.


3.  Appointed Position


a). Band Historian

·       Appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

·       Preserve memorabilia in all formats: audio, visual, print, photography, recording, or similar media.

·       There is no set term for this position.


Secondary duties will be discussed and assigned as needs arise.


Section C: Requirements


All elected officers must be CMBAA members in good standing and must be alumni of the Clifton High School Mustang Band.


Section D: Nomination


Members can nominate themselves or be nominated by other members in good standing.  Nominees must decline or accept their nomination before voting.


Section E: Election


Only CMBAA members in good standing may vote in person or by proxy on or before the last meeting of the fiscal year. Each member is entitled to cast one vote for each officer position available.


The nominated member for a specific officer position who receives the most votes cast in that election, for that position, wins the election and will serve for one term of office.


Section F: Term of Office


Elected officers commence their term of office after the last month’s fiscal year meeting following the election.


Elected officers shall serve a term of two (2) years.


Alternate President/Secretary (even years) and VP/Treasurer (odd years) term votes to different years to maintain continuity of leadership and accountability of funds.


Section G: Vacancies


In the event an officer cannot complete the term, the President will solicit nominations from the membership and final selection will be made by majority vote of the remaining officers.


In the event the President cannot complete the term of office, the Vice President will assume the role for the remainder of the term and solicit a replacement under the same procedure as described above.


Section H: Removal from Office


Positions listed under Article VI can be removed by majority vote of all members in good standing.


Article VII: Meetings


Section A: General Meetings


The schedule of meetings for the year will be established and sent out before September.  There must be a minimum of four meetings within a year and a maximum of one per month October through June.  Reminders for each meeting will be sent to the general membership a minimum of one week prior to each meeting.


Section B: Executive Board Meetings


One Executive Board meeting shall be held prior to the first general meeting of the fiscal year.  Additional Executive Board meetings will be held at the discretion of the Board.


Section C: Procedural Rules


The rules set forth in Robert’s Parliamentary Law and the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall govern the CMBAA when applicable.


Section D: Order of Meetings


The order of meeting agendas shall be as follows:
1. Call to Order
2. Secretary’s Report and motion for approval
3. Treasurer’s Report and motion for approval
4. President’s Report / Old Business  

5. Vice President’s Report
6. Standing Committee Reports
7. Special Committee Reports (as necessary)
8. New Business
9. Announcements
10. Liaison Comments
11. Adjournment

Any amendment to this order shall be announced by the President prior to the commencement of any meeting.


Section E: Voting Decisions and Quorum


Voting decisions by the members shall be made by a majority vote of a quorum of members in good standing in attendance at CMBAA meetings. A quorum is defined as a minimum of ten members with voting privileges.


Article VIII: Funds and Finances


Section A: Checks, drafts deposits


The Treasurer will maintain on deposit a checking account, with a commercial bank, with sufficient CMBAA funds to permit efficient operation of the fiscal affairs of the organization. All checks, drafts or orders for the payment of money notes or other evidences of indebtedness issued in the name of the CMBAA in excess of $200, shall be signed by the Treasurer and authorized by the President or Vice President of the organization. The officers may accept on behalf of the CMBAA, any contribution, gift, bequest, or device for the general purposes or any special purposes of the organization to be forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit in a timely manner.


All records will be kept by the Treasurer. Monthly reports during the meeting season will be presented. Members in good standing may review all financial records by prearranged appointment with the Treasurer within a reasonable period. The Treasurer shall determine the location of such meeting.


Article IX:  Scholarships


The CMBAA awards a minimum of two scholarships annually of at least $1,000 per scholarship.  Scholarship amounts can be increased by a vote at a regularly scheduled CMBAA meeting as funds become available.  The CMBAA will follow the official Scholarship Selection Guidelines in determining who is awarded a scholarship.  Funds donated for scholarships are subject to the guidelines set forth by the CMBAA with oversight by the Scholarship Selection Committee.


Article X: Amendments


Section A: By-Laws Committee


The By-laws Committee shall:

1.     Be established as deemed necessary by the general membership.

2.     Be directed by the By-laws Committee Chair, who will be the Secretary of the Executive Board of the Association.

3.     Upon functioning and as deemed necessary, hold at least one meeting and submit a schedule of meetings to the President.

4.     Present new by-laws to the general membership at a regular meeting for a vote.


New by-laws shall be considered adopted upon approval by a majority vote of members in good standing at a meeting with at least ten members with voting privileges present.


Article XI: Existence and Dissolution


Section A: Existence of the Organization


It is the intent of the CMBAA to have perpetual existence.


Section B: Dissolution


A ballot, confirming dissolution of not less than two-thirds of the members in good standing, may dissolve the CMBAA.


Section C: Disposition of Funds


In the event of dissolution, the officers shall, after making provision for the satisfaction of all liabilities, liquidate the remaining assets and transfer said funds into the Clifton High School Mustang Band Fund.



Created: April 10, 2018

Adopted by majority vote: June 12, 2018